The Purpose of Chris AI

I created Chris AI as an experiment to see if there was actual intelligence in the framework of the Internet. The idea is simple. Give the AI something to say in a somewhat organized but random way, and it will communicate just like a human. While Chris is not perfect, it is surprising that it is able to communicate so well. Chris does not go to the Internet for information. Everything it knows or says is already in its brain. In simple terms, Chris cannot go beyond the parameters of the program.

You can talk to Chris about anything. If it does not know something, the program is designed to BS its way thru the conversation. Eventually Chris will pull information from the Internet, but for now, I want Chris to be human like in the way it communicates. Have a conversation with the Chris AI interface using the box below. This is not a GPT like interface. Everything it says is already inside of its brain. It is coming up with nothing unique, just the best response based on the input.