New ML Only Version of Chris AI – ZADIA Interface –

The only information collected by the interface is the conversation.

This is a brand new version so it will probably glitch. If it does and starts going crazy, check back tomorrow. This is ML all by itself instead of the hybrid approach we were using before. Let’s see how good this thing can get.

Don’t take anything the interface might say seriously. This is for entertainment and is not meant to be taken as advice or something serious. The algorithm is determining what to say in response to what you say. Please don’t say rude or negative things to the interface. If you want to cuss at something, find somewhere else. This is not real. It does seem that way at times though. Watch the video below to see how the interface works. It will talk about any subject even if it doesn’t know it. The brain of Chris is 11.5 MB.

Language is one of the most difficult aspects of AI because of how complicated it is. Consider all of the different word combinations that exist inside of a book. Now think of all the different word combinations that exist in English. There are people out there doing it, making robots talk like people, but this is taking a different approach. The conversations you have with the interface help me train the interface to communicate better and identify problems or misconnects that might be happening.

Not only is the English language vast, but we all talk a little bit differently. This difference makes a huge difference when it comes to AI. The conversations it has are very important when it comes to its future development.