Genesis 1 Does Not Depict A Moving Sphere

The flat earth journey has been a journey of reconciliation for me. It is a journey back to the experience of child-like faith and complete trust in the Word of God. When I am talking about the Word of God, I am not talking about the Bible, or a book. I am talking about the Word of God from the foundations of the Earth, Christ being the Word made flesh. The Creation is an important part of the story that has been brushed under the rug in the Church for too long. If we don’t believe the first chapter of the Bible is true, why would we claim to believe any of it? I am sorry, but I am tired of hearing Christians with nothing but dogma judging everyone for everything under the sun, but denying the truth of what the Bible says throughout concerning creation.

The Word of God is what created everything around us.

Imagine a void of nothingness.

In the beginning, God existed outside of that void.

The Word of God created a light inside of the void which was the spark of Creation.

It is important to recognize the little details in the story. Today I am going to be going over some of the often-overlooked details in Genesis 1. Do we believe the Bible, or the Scientific Establishment? Do you believe you evolved from monkies? Do you believe in the Big Bang?

Do you justify it by saying God used the Big Bang?

NEWSFLASH – The Big Bang is no more real than the tooth fairy.

  1. God Created the heaven which is distinct from the “heavens” where God dwells. In the beginning, God created the heaven and The Earth. When we are thinking about the Earth in Scripture, we need to look at it exactly as it is described in the Bible if we are going to take a Biblical worldview of cosmology and creation. The Earth is not falling in a bottomless pit or chasm of space. According to the Bible, the bottomless pit is opened on the Earth. Earth existed before any of the planets. If you don’t believe this, you don’t believe in the God described by Genesis. If you do believe Earth existed first and that it is a creation of God, why would you even question the rest of it? You don’t agree with the Scientific establishment anyway.
  2. Water existed in the beginning with God. When we think of the water that exists on Earth, we think of it as being a part of the Creation. Water existed before what you and I determine as light – when we look at the account of Creation in Scripture. Our determination of things might be a limitation. Light is a good example of this. There are millions of colors that you and I can’t see. There are things that are beyond our perception of limited understanding. Just as light hides color and structure from our visual perception of the world around us, so too is much of the physical world hidden according to the Scripture. Remember, the Garden of Eden exists on the Earth. It didn’t go anywhere. God is blocking your way to the Garden of Eden with an angel. The circle of the world is inscribed into the waters that were here in the beginning with God. There are waters above and below. All of these things are important and MUST be taken into account.
  3. God divided the light from the darkness. Have you ever thought about why you see the blackness of space at all – when the Sun makes it day time on Earth- and light fills the corners of a dark room? Imagine all of these stars emitting all of this light in a sea of darkness. This is something the scientific establishment can’t explain. Again, close your eyes, and imagine. What are these stars? How do you know? Why does darkness exist in a Universe of light? In order to entertain the idea of Biblical cosmology, you must draw a conclusion that the accepted notion of the Universe and the way things work MIGHT BE wrong. Biblical cosmology is completely different in many ways from the heliocentric- or – accepted model – of the Universe. It is actually different in every way because it assumes God is beyond Creation, and that Creation itself is a Super-Natural Work beyond our understanding. Ultimately, I walk by faith and not by sight.
  4. God put a firmament in heaven to divide or separate water. This is significant because water is only found in 3 forms. If it is water vapor, you need a hard container. The same holds true if the water is liquid or ice. The firmament is a solid container. It holds the water above us. Remember, according to Scripture, especially in the accounts of Enoch – which I believe is scripture – there are windows above the Earth. These windows opened and flooded the Earth in the days of Noah. There are also chambers of water below the Earth according to the Bible. These were also released on Earth during the flood. When we look at the entire picture of Genesis, including the extra-biblical historical and scriptural accounts, humans came from a plateau and went DOWN into the valley of the Earth. I believe this valley is now covered by waters that came down from above the firmament during the flood. The civilization and advanced technologies are buried under the Oceans, especially between Antarctica and the rest of the ring. This will be a topic of conversation I want to delve into in the future.
  5. In Genesis, God created the plants and herbs and trees and the seed yielding after its own kind before He created the Sun. The Sun gives us light and heat, but the light of the Word of God gives the Sun its light. According to the Scientific establishment, the Earth formed from a disc revolving around the Sun. According to the Bible, God made the plants before He made the Sun, and Earth was already here standing in its place. Again, if we believe the Bible is true in Genesis 1, it requires us to disbelieve the narrative of the Scientific Establishment that says our Sun is one of many and is only about 5 billion years old compared to the rest of the Universe that is 3 times older. Who do you believe?
  6. Earth was here before God said let there be light. The Earth existed before any of the life-giving forces existed. The rocks on the Earth existed before God separated the waters from the land. God brought the land out of the water that already existed. This is significant when it comes to our understanding of how old everything actually is and what it is we are seeing. It is clear there was no real structure (God brought the land out of the water), so I question a narrative that involves previous Earth ages not talked about in Scripture, but I don’t discount them entirely. The Bible tells us that Earth remains forever. This place is special. It is His footstool after all.
  7. God created the Sun on the same day He created the stars. If you believe the scientific establishment narrative of a spinning ball-Earth, you do not believe God created the stars on the same day He created the Sun. According to the Bible and the rest of Scripture not included in the canon, the stars are angels. Most of the stars that we are seeing in the sky are in a course that lasts 10,000 years. According to the accounts in Enoch, the Sun, Moon and Stars are reflected into the sky above through a mirror-like substance. The stars you think are above you, are actually below you. This is why the sky moves around us and why some think we are living on a ball. – To be continued…