The Reason I am a Flat Earth proponent

Most of the time, when people hear I am a proponent of the Flat Earth, they assume I am joking, or that I am a complete idiot that does not understand basic math and science. I am not joking about the flat earth and I may well be the village idiot on this, but it isn’t because I have a lack of understanding on how it is proposed to work.

My friend introduced me to the flat earth by telling me every picture of the entire Earth from space was an artists rendition. He said there were a lot of people out there who believed everything NASA was feeding us is a lie and that the Earth is actually a flat circle.

My immediate reaction was outrage. How could people be so stupid? How could my Christian friend be proposing this when it was so detrimental to the Church and our modern understanding of the Bible and the way the Universe actually works? How could people in the 21st Century even ascribe to such a notion?

I immediately started to gather easy evidence to refute the claims made by my friend and these stupid flat earthers. I started with the pictures of Earth from space. As I went thru NASA documentation I came across a Sci Friday video talking about how NASA uses artists to interpret data and artistically render the globes we have all seen time and time again. The only image of Earth NASA claims to be real is the image from Apollo 17. There is also the image of Earth allegedly taken from the Moon’s surface on Apollo 8.

The examples below are official NASA images that were artistically rendered. None of these pictures are actual photographs of Earth. Look how large the landmass of the US is compared to the circle of the globe. This is not only an artistically rendered image, but the dimensions can in no way be accurate.

There are a lot of problems with NASA images of the entire Earth, and the supposedly real pictures of Earth would have been extremely easy to fake.

I had always questioned the narrative around the Moon missions for a lot of reasons. But why are there no pictures of the Earth from space? Why, with thousands of satellites orbiting at 22,500 miles above the Earth are none of them taking pictures. Then I found the weather satellites.

Does this look real to you? Imagine what Hollywood can do, and ask yourself, is it probable the no one is taking pictures of the Earth and the ones we do get are highly edited and digitally rendered like the one below?

Is this what you think the Earth would look like if it were rotating in space?

Just because NASA can’t go as high as they would like to go doesn’t prove the Earth is flat. It also doesn’t prove they are not going as high as they claim.

I am going to be telling my story about my journey into the Flat Earth movement and show you how things can be interpreted in another way. As a matter of fact, they can be determined in a literal Biblical way, and all it takes to figure out how things might work is opening the Scripture and listening to what it says about the nature of the World we live in.

Why can’t we take pictures of the entire Earth from Space? Why can’t NASA get the images right if they are based on accurate data? I think these are valid questions, and this my friends is just the beginning of our journey.

Are a lot of the space walks we see actually filmed in a pool?

To Be Continued…